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Hanako-san on lofty height Lyrics

Hanako-san on lofty height by back number 

I must be only a friend of your friend A
when seeing from you, hr
How a terrible girl if you gave such a smile
for just an acquaintance B

I never know black magic to make you fall in love
nor have courage and car to take you out to the sea
But I want to see you awakened beside me
smiling and saying good morning

I want to see you, so
don't you come up from that corner right now?
taken by a summer evil to me
If the born star was different
By the force of summer magic or alike coincidentally,
can't you be mine? , , you must not





by aquablanca | 2017-04-26 01:59

Work, learn to be yourself. Take responsibility. Your life is your life.

by aquablanca
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